Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Not much of a big holiday for us, not the big church-goers in this house, but it was a wonderful blue sky day and RELAXING!
Thursday before booklcub I went to get Katie a few little items for her Easter basket - and went to get her a movie, ended up buying 3 (so much for the last of my cash) which I watched this weekend. In Katie's easter basket she got Across the Universe-we watched it today and it was a good movie. I also bought Atonement- which since I haven't read the book really surprised me at the end-was an excellent movie and then The Darjeeling Limited was was good until it wrapped up and the ending pulled that movie together so well I have to say I really liked it. Actually, they were all good movies-and it was a nice relaxing weekend when I get to watch 3 movies. I love it!
Did make a bunch of clay tiles yesterday and today got the boards ready so I can now make some more tile mosaics. Did register my car now need to squeeze in an inspection before the end of the month. Did go out to dinner with Dave last night. Did get lots of sleep. Did read. Did get something ready to send into Stampers Sampler. Did do laundry and some cleaning but did NOT vacuum the basement like I wanted to and did NOT go out and wipe down the dirt in my car. All in all though, a great weekend. Today never even got out of my sweatpants. Don't need to bore you with the moment to moment details, but hope your weekend was a good as mine.

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