Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home from the City!

Came home yesterday after a great trip to Boston and the convention. Saw 2 great sessions on Protein Folding and Creationism vs. Evolution (yes, I love to stimulate my geeky side of my brain). Walked around the vendors and picked up some Freebies and saw some cool animals from Sea World (Flamigo, pengins, sloth, etc.) at their exhibit. The convention was at the new convention center and our hotel (the lovely 1 star Howard Johnson's-it was clean at least) was over at Fenway, so we rode shuttle buses and walked. Had 2 rooms at the hotel with 3 of us per room, and so it was a good time. Sat around in our pjs and played Scattergories, drank a bit, played pool Friday night, LAUGHED A LOT, got wet in the rain Friday but at least we missed the big snow at home...5-7 inches. Katie had a snow day but at least Portsmouth wasn't canceled. Coming home Saturday morning we went from bare ground to snow not too far north of Boston. At home the trees were still white and it was pretty against the blue sky but it is almost April and it has been snowing since early December, so right now I'm not sure winter will ever end this this.
Today was NICE though- sat out on the deck in my sweatshirt and we had melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See he snow gage- its like at 2 feet 8 inches right now and was over 3 on Friday with the snow.

So yesterday after a nice 3 hour nap I started taking the tiles I made last weekend and doing some polymer clay tile pieces. Got 3 put together by tonight, which I'm showing you here.

Added some gold charms to this one above, but its mostly done here. Its 5x7 inches.

This is the big one -8x10-. Theme for all of these was home.
All in all was a great weekend since, another week and only 1 more day of March left! YAHOO!

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