Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Friday

London Eye
street sign, Greenwich
At Picadilly Circus
In St. James Park-spring!
On the steps of St. Paul's

Already. Back to school a week. Yesterday marks the 1 week end of our vacation-not possible. It's March 7th-so soon? Was a busy week with open house at school last night, my first webinar, trying to get back on NH time from London time, progress reports at time for art at all this past week. Well, I take that back- Tuesday, Wednesday I worked finishing up my travel journal from the trip. I love doing a travel journal during the trip. This is the second time I did one, and its just a good way to really record the day to day. Helps a lot when you go to do the scrapbook down the road.
Snow is slowing going down- we came home to more snow than we'd seen all winter- and we'd seen a lot- but our snow gauge was basically covered over except the tip- and it goes to 4 feet, and its not set in the ground- its set into some snow. At Portsmouth, there's really no snow left, except for some piles and a few shadded spots. I drive home to the arctic it seems.
But its Friday night, took a 2 hour nap, watched the recorded end of Project Runway- Christian won and I was happy with that. This weekend I need to clean, want to make spring tags, need to do a few cards...
I love Friday nights and the potential for a great weekend ahead-(plus, I get to sleep in in the morning.Got to love it!)

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