Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

London from above- well not above but from high points. This flag above was taken at the Tower Bridge Exhibit- we got to walk along the top 2 pedestrian walks. Luckily it was glassed in since I'm not a big one for heights, and since we had a 2 day London Pass, we got to visit.
South Bank, looking east from Tower Bridge.

Looking west into Westminster from Tower Bridge. Shows what a big city London is, but it doesn't feel so big when you're out there walking around.
On the hill at Greenwich- up at the Royal Observatory. Looking out towards the old Naval College (now a cool marine museum), the Thames River and the financial towers of the city.
Below, a famous view- the Houses of Parliment. This is from the London Eye. Love how you can see the red double decker bus driving over London Bridge.

And finally, also from the London Eye, looking at the North Bank and the big train station- not sure which one this is because I want to say Charing Cross and its not that one.
Today is Monday and I am home because Miss Katie is sick. She went to school for 2 blocks and then wanted me to get her so she could come home and sleep, which she is doing right now on the love seat. We were watching old reruns of Tool Time ( still a funny show). I need to grab some lunch and then think I'll paint tiles from last summer- not quite up to making tiles. Or maybe a nap, seeeing I'm in lazy mood with a sick baby sleeping. And seeing I was so busy over the weekend- but wow- what a class. Still looking at my tile creation and going wow. Feel a bit guilty being home from work but being a mom is a higher priority. Want my girl to feel better!
So enjoy London from above photos, since I have no new art to put up. Speaking of art, love some of the new Dawn Houser stamps from Inkadinkado...they're fun. She's got a great peacock and deer antlers. Plus more. Also at my class this past weekend I got to shop at my favorite store and got some of the new Tim Holtz unmounted sets. Got 2- the one with the truck and calendar and one with the negative film edge and the photographer studio stamp. I don't think Stamper's Anonymous had them up on their web site yet, but I splurged and bought my 2 favorites, though there's more I like too. I know Tim Holtz had them up on his blog awhile back, that's where I saw them.
Anyhow, enough babble.

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