Friday, May 4, 2012

10 Things Friday

1. It is finally time to call it quits showing off the pages from my OBX scrap-journal. Not only am I finally finished with this project BUT I am sure we are all getting tired of looking at this topic-HA-HA!!!!!!
So this page above and the one below are front and back to each other. I stamped the sun (Dawn Houser) twice and attached them back to back since they pop up over the page.
On the top page I stamped a honeycomb image which I made with Ranger fun foam and a Tim Holtz honeycomb stamp. I also used spray ink, a book page and a die cut circle (die cut from cardboard).

And this inner title page is one of my favorite. I did lots journaling with some stamping too. And I love the orange and the sea green together.
Dyan Reavely's, Dylusion's orange spray ink, hand doodling, some stamping, some doodled waves, great colors...a fun little page I enjoyed making.

And a change from the beach, one more page from our visit west to the Nascar Hall of Fame.  I love these racing/car stamps from Crafty Secrets.The set is called Car Classics.  I've used them a lot! Here's a close up.

You can see this cool old service station stamp, racing flags and spark plugs. I also used this old bottle cap embellishment I had stashed away. Some tape and of course, Viva Paint Pen in red.

OK, I am done. No more pages from these scrap-journals-they are put away and I am moving on. New scrap-journals are about to be done.  I had a blast making this album, and I hope you enjoyed looking at these pages.

2. I think my next album will be Arizona.
Or Barcelona.
Or Death Valley.
I have tons of photos I need to scrap-journal.
Which do I chose?
3. Love it- it is now getting light right after 5 A.M. I know this because I roll out of bed so bright eyed and bushy tailed for work-HA!
4-This week's rain and cooler weather is suppose to go away today or tomorrow-YEAH! But my lawn has loved the rain. It has also made it easier to teach at school-especially for my seniors.
5-All I want to do is sleep in! Amazing how one week off can throw you off schedule and it takes DAYS to get back on schedule.
6- And with this cool weather it is so hard to pick out work clothes. I want to wear my sandals!!!!!! My capris!!!!! But not when it is only in the 50's.
7-5 1/2 weeks of school left-time is flying-especially when you have zero snow days to make up.
8- But I have been in a strange mood this week- I have major travel fever-which is weird since last week I was in such a homebody mood. Maybe just hearing about people's travels, maybe summer being so close. I wish I had the guts to go do something wild and crazy. Like take off for a year. But I can't- I have to get my baby through college. Still thinking maybe in my future-I will just have to go and do it at some point. Something to plan for.
9-And I have been feeling like I am transparent. Not that people  know what I am thinking about or my thoughts, but I feel like people look at me and don't see me. Don't notice me. That what I do doesn't show up. I am transparent.
What a feeling! Good thing I am a generally happy content person.
10-My obsession for the week-more Dark Shadows of course. Still working on the first set. And it is getting spookier.
Glad to have you visit!

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