Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Colorful Pages

Here's a page I made because I wanted to show these cool mountain shadows. The picture isn't anything spectacular but I do love the shadows. The other thing I played with on this page was doodling these words and then using some Tim Holtz markers to color them. I then took a wet brush and pulled out some of the color onto the page. Like it.
I purposefully wanted my cloud images to be a bit fuzzy, kind of like shadows are so I used Distress Stains and a stencil.  Because the stain is so wet it doesn't give you a clear image through the stencil, but it was exactly what I wanted on this page.
So after 2 days of rain we are back into the sunshine-and warmth-though it has been very humid the last couple of days. I am excited for sun but I suppose it won't be help to be productive at school.
So last night I started TrueBlood new season (4). Saw one episode. Today I need to pick up Katie after she's done with work at UNH and we plan on coming home and watching several more. Been waiting to see this for almost a year-but then when I finish it I guess I'll have to wait again since I don't get HBO.

So can you believe it is almost JUNE?
Be back another day!

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