Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Trails Today

I'll stay on the Western theme and maybe even an Arizona theme. Here's a fun card I made. I used Cornish Heritage Farms (Kim Hughes) stamps. 
I also used this American Crafts lizard skin cardstock. Thought it would work for this, just like the natural brown twine.
I like my cards plain and simple but I am working hard on trying to make my backgrounds have more depth and interest. Been doing it a lot in my scrap-journal, since I don't just have that much studio time most days and to do a daily journal and a scrap-journal and make cards and do the other fun things I want to do.
Guess I just need to quit my job and do art all day everyday.
Wouldn't that be fun????
Think it must be spring because it gets me really in the gardening mood. The fix up my home mood. The try new yard thigns mood.
Plus I seem to feel more art creative.
Must be the rebirth of spring and me coming out of my winter hibernation slump.
Anyhow, am not planning on quitting my job, still need to be there. Still need the cash to feed my craft supply addiction!
Just can't win-time to create- no money for supplies-work for money-not enough time to create.
I suppose if I was really creative I wouldn't need to buy supplies, right?
Have a good day and thanks for visiting.

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