Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Good Mess

I really like how this page came out, even though it is rather messy.
It is a lot more red, but with these dark not even winter yet days, the color is a bit muted.
I must say, I sprayed it to make it a bit messy, since there were  too many pieces before I did that. All the pieces were good and they worked together  but they didn't pull the page together. For me, the dripping green paint helps congeal this into one consistent page. It makes the elements work together instead of each working on their own.
I know a lot of you don't like these kind of pages, and I respect that.
But I can sound like an 8 year old and say in a snotty little voice "It is my book and I can do it any way I damn well please."
And this page is a lot more simple and traditional. The only thing unusual (for me) is the plastic sheet it is in. I am trying to make the plastic a part of the page rather than just a holder, so these little colored plastic and pop up bows are actually on the plastic, outside the pocket. I don't know how that will work out in the long run, but I like how it looks.
I am trying to make my holiday journal really an art journal and not necessarily a pretty scrapbook. I want to add photos and bits and pieces and try some new things to record my holiday season, but I want it to also contain some experimentation too. Like an experimental scrapbook.
One of my next goals is to start making holiday pages with less traditional Christmas look. 
Hmmm.  Not sure how successful I'll be there since I also have a box with a bunch of holiday items-stickers, journal cards, etc. that I want to make a dent in. No sense keeping all these things (that I've had a long time) forever.
Are you doing a holiday journal? If so, how are you doing yours?
I'd love for you to stop back soon.

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