Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Project

Yesterday I spent some time making some holiday cards. We always give our nieces and nephews little gifts for Christmas, and its gotten that they expect a hand made card.
Spoiled children-ha-ha.
So for the 4 girls on my husband's side I made these skate cards. One of my nieces is a big figure skater, and I got this Sizzix Brenda Walton die last summer (Love it when you find them on sale!), so I cut the base card from them by putting the folded edge of the paper just before the actual cut edge of the die.
I wanted this card not to open- more form a pocket, so before I decorated I taped down the inner bottom and stitched up the laces. Then I decorated-using a Sizzix die from the stash to cut the Christmas lights and another to cut the holly. I had the red confetti from a box packing...came in really useful for these!
I even impressed the hubby with these-always a good thing! Ha-ha.
And something a little more masculine for my nephew.  He's a skier, but I think he's gotten enough skiing cards over the years. So I settled with snow, and nothing too sparklely or frilly for him.
And then there's my niece, who is also a skier.
But I went a little more traditional for her.  The only thing I don't like about this card is where I stamped the words. I suppose I could paint them over and restamp, but I think that's just me being a fuss budget.  I like how he looks like he is going to tip his hat to Santa.
I wish I had this week off so I could do a bunch for Christmas stamp play, but I guess since I only have to work 1 1/2 days I can't complain.
Sometimes I can be such a baby.
And finally 2 of the girls on my husband's side are finishing up school this month, and he needed a couple of graduation cards. Not quite my mindset at the moment, but I went fast and simple with these.
They look a little more arty when I don't magnify them so much and make it so you can see my scribblely dots.

And inside, a pop up word.

Love it when I HAVE to make something. Gives me a really good reason (not that I need a reason) to escape into my art lair and play.
Have a great day and
good or bad- it is the first day of winter!

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Lisabella Russo said...

What amazing and beautiful cards! I love them!