Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Little More of the Same

So yesterday morning I ended up with a 2 hour delay because there were icy roads at the seacoast. Luckily it all turned to rain and didn't really throw my day off too much, except I had a little bit of play time before work.  That was a lot of fun!  I also had some time to write this post.  This is another front and back of a page from my holiday journal.
As I titled all this babble, a little more of the same.
One thing I like about this album is that these little pockets mean what I am making are tiny pieces. They're easy to make and I can try out some different things without the time it take to do a whole page.
But I know you know that.
So another holiday thing I have been planning is cookie baking. I found some yummies I want to make the other evening as I sat by the wood stove warming up and reading a couple of cookbooks. Yesterday I came home and made the doughs. I ended up freezing them and will thaw them when I'm ready to bake in the next few days. Let's see if there will actually be time for that. I really wish I could take this month off and stay home and dabble and play and be a cooking crafty lady all day.
Wouldn't that be fun?
Of course it could be one of those grass is greener elsewhere thoughts.
Naw.  I think I would enjoy that.
Oh well, I am off to work!
Hope your day is full of fun cooking crafting things.
Or a trip someplace good.
Whatever makes you smile!

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