Monday, December 1, 2014

Wrapping Up the Long Weekend

The holiday weekend is over. It flew-of course. But it was still long enough to feel like a mini much needed vacation. So it was an adventurous holiday  weekend in my house. It all started with a big snowstorm last Wednesday.

 In the midst of this we lost our power, and it stayed out for 48 hours. Thank goodness I wasn't the one doing the cooking.
And thank goodness we have a wood stove for heat and generator to run a few lights and our water pump. Couldn't cook, the generator isn't powerful enough to run the stove or microwave. But hey, who's complaining!
Before we lost power I did get one of my Thanksgiving pies made.
Look how pretty I made the top!
The other was finished up over the wood stove-since I needed to make a filling. Pioneer cook me!

Thanksgiving dinner was lovely and it was nice getting together with my family. Sad since my mother's memory is quickly disappearing  and my sister-in-law's cancer seems to be taking a big toll.
But this Thanksgiving we were all together and had a good visit.

This weekend also included a lot of Black Friday shopping.
The hubby and I had a great day together and we found a lot of holiday deals. Finished up a bunch of people on our lists. Had a lot of fun with each other too.
We also chased our dog a few times (little bugger getting lose) and I did a bunch of knitting. Having a blast working on a Christmas stocking for the escape artist. Having so much fun I am going to make another one when I finish this one!
Also watched some more episodes of Last Tango in Halifax, did a bit of art and put out some Christmas decorations.
We went to the tree farm  to get our Christmas tree yesterday. It was pretty busy-but it was such a gorgeous day.
The escape artist would have loved to get out of her collar and played with some other dogs.
I enjoy weekends when I get to have some fun adventures, get to chill out and relax and also get a few chores done.  That was this weekend.
And can you believe it is already December 1? 

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