Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Journal -Part 2

So yesterday I mentioned I was doing something different this year in my journal.
What? You ask, looking at this perfectly ordinary page.
OK, for most of you using this plastic sheets would be normal, but I have never ever used them before.
Going to take some getting used to.
Back side of my upper page view.
This page was kind of fun actually.
It is fun to try new things-even if they are only new to you and everybody else scrap booking on the planet has been doing them for a long time.
Guess that's why lots of people have gone to this scrapping method.
Its easy and fun.
I actually like the back. I added these embellishments outside of the plastic.
Can you imagine?
Not every page in this book with use plastic!
But many will.
Something different
for me!
Are you ever behind the eight ball as they say and finally try something once its old and maybe even outdated?
Thanks for visiting.

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