Monday, February 8, 2021

T Stands for a Beach Walk Adventure and a Snack

 Hi everyone. Happy T day to you.

Last week we had a couple of snowy days preceded by a couple of really cold days. When a nice day came around  I decided to head on down to the beach for a walk. 

The little dog in this next photo isn't Maddie. I met my beach walking friend, and she brought her dog Cider. Cider is smaller than Maddie but otherwise they do have very similar personalities and looks.

If you look carefully at the photo above (and below) you can see one of the waves breaking up over the rocks. I was too low to get a good photo, but the ocean still had a lot of energy in it.

You can also see all the rocks that got relocated onto the beach in this next photo.

Here's Pete strutting his stuff down the beach. I feel bad Maddie misses out, but it was her doggy daycare day. She gets very excited to go visit her dog friends and heads off in the morning with my husband, no second looks back.

 A few lobster traps got washed ashore.

At this house, the owners never pulled up their stairs which took some wave action.   I know  the beach roads were closed to outside traffic during the storm  due to flooding and the waves.

An interesting thing about Rye Beach is that parts of a shipwreck are buried on one end of it. In January of 1905 the Lizzie Carr was traveling from Calais, Maine down to NYC with a load of lumber when a storm hit. 
One person died and the others aboard were rescued. The ship ran aground and has been buried by sand over the years. Several years back part of the ship was salvaged and removed and is now displayed at the Seacoast Science Center which is also in Rye, New Hampshire.
Much of the boat is still buried. This storm washed out quite a bit of sand so  more  of the shipwreck is now exposed.

There's a new small piece of the ship above.
Also quite a bit of the ship is now exposed a  little further down.

Usually there is just a couple of ends of boards further up this end of the beach, in between this large piece and the other new piece I showed you above.

My adventure for the day hadn't ended with my beach walk. When I got back to my car the battery in my car keyfob was totally dead. That meant it wouldn't open the doors and wouldn't start the car.
Luckily my friend was still there, and she roused me from my racing brain by saying don't you have an emergency key entrance?
I needed a comment like that to get my brain in focus. I got in and looked up in my owner's manual how to use the emergency start so I could drive to the store to get a new battery for my key. I love it when I can rescue myself. (I am sure my husband didn’t miss having to leave work for a bit to rescue me either) .I did have a spare battery in my glove box/compartment that I thought  would take care of the situation, but of course, I couldn't get the key fob open to insert it.  Figures.

When I got home that early afternoon I needed a little pick me up. Here's my ticket to this week over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.

Earlier in the week I finally made some of this chocolate bread pudding I have been craving.  I used an America's Test Kitchen recipe in their Chocolate cookbook. They listed this recipe in their breakfast foods section. I guess that means it was a healthy  choice-ha-ha-ha!

I also finally bought some Earl Grey tea so I could try making a London Fog that CJ and also The Low Carb Diabetic have mentioned. It might be more of a tea drink on its own (rather than with chocolate bread pudding), but it was delicious.

I made mine with half a mug of early grey tea and filling the rest of the cup  hot milk that I whipped up by hand (use a milk foamer if you have one). I added a splash of vanilla extract to the milk. My proportions might be off, but it was delicious. 

That's all for me. Thanks for visiting and hope your have a great T day.


Kate Yetter said...

What lovely beach photos. The sea is always SO calming. How fun that you live so close to the beach.
Your chocolate breakfast, I mean dessert, looks delicious. Yum!
Happy Tea Day,

Linda Kunsman said...

Wow- it truly is amazing to walk by the ocean after a storm, and I love it! So interesting about the shipwreck.
Good for you to figure out the situation with your key fob. Something similar recently happened to my hubby with his car- only thankfully he was home when his fob's battery died.
And oh my, what a lovely looking treat! My hubby would be happy to have it for any meal:):)
Hoping you don't get hit with more snow or storms this coming week. Stay warm, and happy T day!

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Erika, that is really so nice that you are so close to the beach, and you live rural too so best of both worlds. Found it very interesting about the ship wreck that happened so long ago and that you can still see at times.
Your tea drink sounds delicious and I have the bigelow decaf version so am going to try it-love your mug too.
Your chocolate pudding sounds yummy. I enjoyed all the beach photos very happy stay warm-hugs Kathy

Iris Flavia said...

Cider, what a cute name, now I´m thirsty, LOL. Aww, the beach...
And houses so near, it must be wonderful to live there!
I don´t even know if doggy day care exists here? But fun idea :-)
Sad stairs, but looks kinda romantic! And the wall, arty.
Hope the Science Center opens soon again and you can share some pics? A bit scary, though. Twice I´ve been on the ocean in heavy storms. Once a woman puked into her hands as the toilets were full, I´ll never forget that view... Why ever she did that is beyond my understanding...

YIKES! Remember the "good old days when we opened the car with a normal key? Never heard of an emergency start, good to know for in case I have to have a car again.
Oh. What a story! And all this in cold temps, too...
Chocolate is healthy, I read somewhere :-)
Love your mug, happy T-day! Hugs :-)

craftytrog said...

Great photos, and I love your owl mug Erika!
Happy T Day!
Alison xx

J said...

Beautiful beach photos, looks a lovely place for a walk, we always walk on the seafront as it's flat, yesterday we had massive waves, usually there aren't any at all, it looked quite wild even though it was sunny.

I'm not a fan of Earl Grey, I like black breakfast tea with not too much milk.
Happy T Day, Keep Safe
Jan S

Mae Travels said...

Your photos of the old emerging shipwreck are really nice. Also, chocolate bread pudding sounds very delicious.

be safe... mae at

Lisca said...

Thank you for taking me on an (armchair) beach walk. I enjoyed the scenery and also the shipwreck. That was interesting.
Chocolate bread pudding, I've never heard of that, but I bet my hubby would love that!
Earl grey with milk! Yuck!! You should really drink it without milk, having made a 'weak' brew. I like it 'see-through' if you know what I mean. try that. You might like that too.
Happy T-Day,

Divers and Sundry said...

I love it when you take us on walks on the beach. The shipwreck remains are fascinating. I wouldn't have thought of having to get the stairs up out of the way of the waves.

My car has one of those battery-powered key fobs, and I think I'll pick up a spare battery next time I'm out. Earl Grey is my husband's favorite tea, and I love your owl mug. Happy T Tuesday!

Jeanie said...

That is so stunning and so stark. The shipwreck history is fascinating, too.

I never thought about a battery for the key fob. I'm so glad your friend was with you --it was a cold day to be locked out.

Let's Art Journal said...

So lovely to visit the beach with you today, it looks like you had a wonderful time with your friend! I loved seeing the ship wreck in the sand - amazing 😀. I bet the chocolate bread pudding was very welcome after all that brisk sea air and I'd love a cup of tea, no milk in mine though 😉. I know I've seen it before but your owl mug is adorable! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

LA Paylor said...

choco bread pudding???? yum!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your beach walk was amazing. I say that because I live so far from ANY beach. I was surprised by the shipwreck and how the sands have shifted the wreck to show even more of it now. As I've said before, I learn something new each week for T.

Sorry to read about your key fob. I need to find out about the life expectancy of the batteries. You did good rescuing yourself, too.

Wow, I now want some chocolate cake. And I would even take some of that tea, but I want half & half with mine, please (grin). Thanks for sharing your day at the beach, your great photos, and your cake and tea with us for T this Tuesday dear friend.

DVArtist said...

Wow what a truly beautiful walk. Thank you for sharing it. Is it allowed to take the piece of the shipwreck? That wood would be amazing once it is dry. Sorry about your key. Love the tea mug you have. Have a wonderful day.

Karen said...

Beautiful beach shots, and the boat salvage is really neat too. Your chocolate treat looks divine and so does your tea ~ Enjoy your week!

Valerie-Jael said...

You got me at chocolate bread pudding! How lovely to go to the beach. And exciting to see the planks from a shipwreck! Still lots of ice and snow here! Happy T Day, stay safe and be happy! Hugs, Valerie

Eileen Bergen said...

Boy, those must have been rough seas judging from the big rocks washed ashore and other damage. Very interesting to see more of thee shipwreck.

We have two cars and I carry spare keys for both in my purse. Do you think I would remember that when I locked the main key in my car? Nope. I sat down on the curb and called my hubby. I was close to tears. He calmly explained that I had a spare. So, happy ending; but it's awful to panic like that when you really need your wits about you.

You deserved that yummy pick me up.

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Kate Yetter said...

Hi Erika,
The lemon sourdough cake recipe is as follows:
If you make it be sure to share your results!
Happy Baking,

The Padre said...

What A Fantastic Outing For You And The Happy Pup - Thanx For Sharing All The Photos - Very Enjoyable - Also, Dig That Owl Mug


Marjut said...

Fantastic photos and chocolate bread pudding looks delicious.

R's Rue said...


Stevenson Q said...

Erika, literally, these are a few of my favorite things! Beaches, chocolate, and earl grey tea! Thank you so much for this cozy glimpse of your days out there!

sheila 77 said...

You are so lucky to live near such a fascinating beach area. These are wonderful photographs. The old buried ship looks so intriguing, I wonder why nobody has tried to take it up?
How awful about the key and how lucky you had an emergency key entrance and I have no idea what that is. How amazing that it actually worked.

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a fabulous walk on the beach. All that debris on the beach and a wreck - now that's really interesting! Sorry about the battery dying though. You earned that pudding!
Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

CJ Kennedy said...

Brrrr. the beach walk. Looks like Pete had a good time. I never heard of an emergency start. I'll have to go look that up. The chocolate bread pudding and London Fog are a perfect end to the day. Hoping all the storms predicted for Thurs, Fri, Sun, and Tues miss us

one irrational bean said...

There’s a similar wreck on Crane’s which has almost disappeared this year with all of the crashing waves. Not sure if it will still be there when I get back. I will have to check out Rye Beach when the weather warms up. I had the same problem with a key fob, and was really relieved with figuring out how to get into the car.