Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The good news is its April!!!

Warm-like in the 60's and high 50's, but gray with some rain. Snow is going down and away- but here at home its still there- just brown, dirty and less than before. Don't know what's up with me lately- haven't scrapped in a week (ok, I did do all my clay tiles this weekend and I was in Boston a few days and sometimes you just need a break from a project like doing a travel book) and am soooo sleepy. Hard to get up, hard to stay up at night. Think I need SUNSHINE and blue sky and warmth. Think I need to go for a nice walk. Sunday I thought it would be great to go down to York Beach and walk, but it was late in the day and I didn't feel like traveling. Maybe this weekend-if its sunny and not too blustery. I have been in a reading mood- though not getting too much read lately as when I came home from Boston Saturday I napped and tiled, plus Sunday was chores, tiling...Am now also putting some of my unmounted alphabet stamps onto those peel and stick backings, so I can use the acrylic blocks. I hate digging out letters and this way I can see if they all go together. Who knows how much I even have for sets as I sold a bunch of random letters last summer on eBay. I will admit I love organizing my things as much as I do using them.
Really enjoying the book I've shown above- Mistress of the Art of Death. Read some before dinner, now I might read some more while I wait for Dave to get home. One exciting arty thing that's happened is that I've managed in the last 2 weeks to buy some stamps on eBay I have wanted but can't find. Older stamps. One is a small set called Provence, the other is a Tin Can Mail Stamp that's a map of China, India which refers to tea growing regions. That's exciting. I also bought a bunch of Sculpey III at AC Moore yesterday in hopes of making more tiles this weekend. Have some more mosaic ideas and would love to make some to put out for sale.
Keep thinking about another trip, though I haven't the money for that. A roadtrip though. Its the weather. This winter has been so long. Last year we had late snow but a milder early winter. Some years the snow is done by Feb. But this year, we have piles of snow and winter just hasn't ended. Plus my road is MUD. Oh spring in the north of New England. But at least I can say spring!

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