Sunday, January 5, 2014

Been a Great Vacation

I have really enjoyed this vacation. Two weeks off in the middle of the school was a rare but fantastic treat for me.
I loved not having to get up and get moving on January 2 like usual. Those few extra down days were perfect for my psyche. (Even though we had all that snow-at least we didn't get snow days-having to wait and see if they decide to call school.) We did have a lot of snowy days this past break.
Unlike last year- I wasn't sick (always a good thing). I started my studio clean up, relaxed a lot, slept late (pure heaven), read, finished watching Game of Thrones (so I'm up to date), and did a lot of shopping the after holiday sales.
And today the hubby and my daughter went out to buy us some donuts for breakfast-
a few quiet minutes and then hopefully, a chocolate-chocolate donut. Either way- haven't had donuts since like a year ago.
And donuts are so yummy.
And today, since it is my last day off- I am going to play in the studio all day!!!!!
Can't wait as I haven't had a lot of studio time this break-what with my daughter home and all the holidays and our sale shopping bonanzas.
And tonight-
I have been counting down even if this is the last thing to happen on my time off-
Tonight starts

Downton Abbey
Season 4.

Season 3 ended up with such a sad cliff hanger- as those of you who watch know.
I wonder how they're going to start this season.
I hope a jump ahead so it isn't too sad.
But all the reviews I've purused on-line say that isn't going to be the case.
We shall see,
Either way- its not a bad way to end this vacation.
See you again soon, I hope.

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