Friday, January 3, 2014

Rockin' and Jammin'

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and then snowed some more.
Glad we didn't have school and I didn't have to get up and watch for cancellations-since we would have had the day off definitely, and then have to make a day up in June. Since I'm still on vacation that is. Think we're about the only school district in the state that has 2 full weeks off.
Instead I could sleep in and then hang home and play- something a snow day gives you permission to do.
I spent lots of time rockin' and jammin' to some oldies while I worked on my holiday journal.
Styx, Phish, The B-52's, Elton John, Emerson Lake and Palmer- yup,
 lot of oldies.
Had a blast!!!
And I figured I had to do something productive so I made pizza dough for supper.
Then Katie and I watched some old X-File episodes from season 1. I bought a complete episode/movie DVD set from Amazon deals before Christmas, gave them to the hubby and myself...and he wasn't impressed but I wanted to see them. So a gift to myself.
Remember the X Files?
We started at the pilot and worked our way through a few episodes. I must say its one of my favorite old series. The 9 seasons and 2 movies in the set this should keep me busy around Sunday night's Downton Abbey right up until March when Game of Thrones starts back up again.
So instead of  me going on and on, want to see a few pages from my journal?
Stenciled, journaling, October Afternoon Santa tag and December letters, a stamped word bubble (Hampton Arts) and some ancient Making Memories holiday word stickers.
Really hate my handwriting though- makes the page look so messy.
I've had a blast working on this project, but truthfully, I am ready to be done with my holiday journal and ready to move onto something new and fresh. Hoping I can finish this up in the next couple of days. I don't want to just fly through and throw pages together without any thought, but not sure I want to spend hours on one page. This always happens to me; you get into the holiday and there's less time, lots of photos, and I get behind on it.
Kept trying to think of something creative on my pages, and think I manage to make myself happy with them, but they are pretty basic. I also find the smaller format makes you go more simple, since there isn't enough page to hold tons of embellishments. I kept my backgrounds pretty plain too- mainly a factor of not wanting to spend tons of time on each page. Not sure I like them sooooo plain, now that I see them photographed, but in another way,  I also like the plain pages.
For the pocket page I cut some October Afternoon paper and then die cut some Paper Smooches hearts. Stamped images are from Technique Tuesday and wooden word bubbles from Studio Calico.
For the silly face me page I used a background I made from from a Gelli print and I added the rest of the hearts from the Paper Smooches die.
Final page for today is this awesome shot of my daughter.
I layered paper, punched the edges of the bottom sheet, added some Technique Tuesday stamped images and some little plastic snowflakes.
I find holiday journal tends to turn into a scrapbook just because at Christmas I take so many photos. But scrapbooking is so much fun, even in these small little page formats. I do miss using BIG photos though, something I love to use, but as I've said many times before, you got to shake it up sometimes.
So took my car in for an oil change and ended up getting a new water pump and timing belt- eeks. There goes my extra check this month. I hope its ready today so I can have it back for the weekend, rather than using a loaner till Monday.
But we shall see, eh?
That's it for me.
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