Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Word

OK, as I've mentioned before, I am always behind the curve.
Trends and fads, I'm into them once they are over.
Popular tv shows or movies,
I don't hear about them until everyone else has forgotten them. 
That's just me.
So on that line of thought
I've finally picked my 2014 word.
Hopefully I can remember it once I get past March- since I don't remember what my 2013 word even is.
Not that I have a bad memory-
I guess its just one of those things that isn't that important to me.
But this one is.
Its not even just the definition of the word.
Its what it all means.
Here's my word:

Just 2 little letters. But it means a whole lot of things.

See what I'm saying?
So that's what I am going for this year.
And with that- I came up with a yearly project.
I want to go someplace every month.
Let me explain the go someplace. 
Not necessarily a big trip, but it could be.
I just want to go someplace and do something out of the ordinary.
Be a tourist of sorts.
This month- its my hockey trips down to Boston and the Boston burbs.
Next month its going to New Mexico.
Bigger trip I am excited about.
March, I have a hockey weekend and maybe, hopefully, something else.
I'll be going some place, eh?
We'll see where this resolution will take me.

So what did you pick for a word and did you make a resolution?
If you want to share, leave me a comment. 
I'd love read them.

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