Monday, January 6, 2014

Dreading This

OK, this is one of the toughest mornings of the year.
Two weeks off, you get totally out of your work-world sleep habits.
Staying up late, sleeping in late.
Its tough getting up in the dark but luckily not so the cold.
32 (Fahrenheit), rain, but there's lots of delays for ice.
Don't know if its good with the slightly warmer temperatures or if its bad watching all the delays-
man, I could sleep longer especially since I stayed up until 11 to see all of Downton Abbey.
Of course, typical Sunday night last night- a little nervous, a little stressed-
what am I going to do with the kids today?
I tell myself, 2 weeks and then its the long weekend. 
Exams are right after that, and then we slide out of semester one into semester two with new classes.
That is the point you get me transitioning out of this hibernation mode.
Tough in a way to go back to the same old kids-
I love my classes right now, but still,
a change (like the new year) is always refreshing.
But right now,
I just want to go back to bed and sleep about 4 more hours.
So I know it is January 6, but a couple more simple pages from my holiday journal.
Can I turn back the clock and go back to December 25?
I'll even take the 24th.
Too bad you can't see the green lightly dry inked background here.
And a painted background on this page below.

And here I used an actual piece of wrapping paper as my background paper. Also a Technique Tuesday tag from a holiday tag stamp set that I picked up on 50%  after Christmas markdown at my favorite local craft store. And to make these little silver plastic snowflakes match the wrapping paper, I painted them blue.

But wow- it is already January 6th. I'll get through today though. And by tomorrow, this won't hurt so much.
I hope.
Enjoy your Monday.
I hope its easier getting started than mine is.

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