Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Back While Looking Ahead-Part 1

OK, I planned on starting my new year off with a BANG but instead we have a big snowstorm blowing in on us.
Yeah, it is a bang, but not quite my definition of that word.
I had thoughts of going to New York City for a couple of days but who wants to be there in the snow and super cold. Why pay the big prices for a hotel and food and transportation for that? Cities are colder than here in the woods when that wind whips down through those tall buildings.
Then Katie and I were planning on going on a shopping road trip down to our closest IKEA- 2 1/2 hours away. 
But that's too far to drive with a big snow coming.
You just never know when those storms show up early or if the traffic through Boston backs up because people are trying to beat or stuck in the weather. Seen that once or twice and don't need to see that again. A 2 1/2 hour drive can become a lot longer-like 5 hours if weather hits.
So my bang is going to be more of a day home-
but it should be a great day to play in the playroom.
Oh yeah!!!!!

So since I haven't done a lot of art play lately, I don't have much to show you there-
thought I'd do one of those go back through the year and show you my favorite arty pieces for 2013.
Just what you want to see!

OK, and that's only the first six months.
No rhyme or reason, and since I was feeling kind of down about my latest creative activity-and feeling like all I am is a slobby arter, this has lifted my spirits.
Sometimes I think I just expect to like everything I make, which of course is NOT going to happen.
I'll be back Saturday with the rest of the year.
Thanks for bearing with me and actually going through all these little art projects of various sorts.
Hope everyone had a great New Year celebration
can you believe its day 2 of 2014 already?

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