Saturday, January 4, 2014

Looking Back While Looking Ahead-Part 2

More of my favorite part pieces from 2013 on this crazy cold morning-we're down into the double digit negatives.
BRRRRR. Welcome to real winter.
This is part deux-if you missed part 1 and really want to see it here's the link.
The second half.
as I took MaryAnn Moss's SEWN class.
Got me hooked on patterns.

I love looking at everyone else's look back. Its so much fun to see where people have been in a year, what they like the best and where they trended.
Plus its  a great way to wrap up the old and prepare for the new
So hope you enjoyed this little view. This is NOT all the art on my blog-ha-ha-
but last year was certainly a very creative year for me.
I like putting it together- see only the things I really like.
I hope 2014 is as creative-if not more so.
I look forward to spending a lot of hours back in my studio playing, playing and playing.
Hope you do too-and if you are an arty type that is I hope you get lots of play, fun and creative muse inspiration.
See you back here again soon-

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