Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another trip list

Ok, a few more trip items I just HAD to add. Tonight the theme is OLD!
1- Oldest ruts- gladiator tracks in the stone roads of Pompeii
2- Oldest ruts in the USA- wagon tracks worn into stone on the Oregon Trail in Wyoming
3- Oldest drawings-not sure which is older- petroglyphs in Northern Sweden and at the Valley of Fire in Nevada
4-Oldest sculpture-though I can't say I am a date expert-the wolf with her children at the Capitoline Museum in Rome (Romulus and Remus)
5- Oldest items that were spectacular (again-I don't have a very good mental time line)-the items in the King Tut exhibit from his tomb
6- Wow-oldest death marker- Ceasar's spot (where he was cremated) in the Forum in Rome
7- Oldest mummy that I can actually remember I saw- Cleopatra in the British Museum ( I've seen older but who can remember all their names)
8- Most bizzarre mummies- the cat and the rat who were mummified in one of Dublin's cathedrals- can't remember if it was St. Patrick's or Christchurch

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