Thursday, April 17, 2008

thoughts on rubber stamping

Took a trip to my favorite craft store today after work (Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, MA-I've mentioned it before), and that got me thinking about art. Specifically rubber stamping. I love to stamp-probably because my drawing is so poor and ugly. I am addicted to rubber stamps-buy too many, sell too few on eBay (my summer project), but LOVE my stamps. So thinking about it- what would be the bare necessities of a stamp collection. Here's my thoughts....
1) a diamond background pattern stamp
2) a writing background pattern stamp
3) some good word stamps- I like dream, poem, believe, etc.
4) some definitions- they make great additions
5) swirls are hot right now- I love swirls- but some swirls would be good
6) I was never big into postage until lately- maybe the last year. I love postmarks, PO markings, stamp stamps-they make great additions too
7) circles-I love circles-have a whole drawer full- whether their dots, large solids, rings, interlooping circles, dotted circles...
8) a good alphabet- at least 1
9) journaling stamps-for scrapping
10) leaves of some sort- they make great additions
11) big flowers are great as a main focus, small flowers-even tiny, make great little additions
12) some texture background stamps
13) I love numbers
14) for cards- some of the basic sayings like Happy Birthday
15) a few saying stamps-I love quote stamps and have too many, but they are great for all kinds of projects
16) some stamps of things you love- for me its architecture, birds (even before they were so hot), travel stamps, natural items, sun and moon stamps, tea and coffee stamps, sea/ocean items, sewing items
17) a few useful shapes like hearts, squares, stars
18) a few seasonal stamps for fall and the holidays
19) a few edges/borders
20) so with this pretty precise list, why can't I weed down my collection? Well, I don't want to for one, not yet at least, and I do have stamps I bought but then found out I don't use much- or least right now don't use much like I'm not a big people stamper, but I have a bunch, and I don't like too cute stamps or too "new age" stamps...
Maybe tomorrow I'll do my favorite supplies- for the moment...

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