Friday, April 11, 2008

The end of the week

From the last couple of posts, some photos-above: best castle Ruins-Ireland and below- best Ruins-Rome
End of an EXTREMELY BUSY week. Had midterm exams at school (still need to do some grading), had Leadership Teacher at Pease Air Guard Base and the Airport there, got my boating liscense-took a 2 night course and passed the test with 1 wrong out of 60- 9did the best in my house but must admit, really like beating Dave who got 3 wrong), had my hair cut, did the usual mom things and the work things and am BEAT!
Think this has become a travel blog over an art blog lately.
No, this blog is about life-art and travel are big parts of my life though.
Katie has school tomorrow morning to make up for 1 of her snow days. I was suppose to be doing the SESL team (a leadership competition) at school but things feel apart earlier this week, so now can hang home in the rain. Sleep. I am definately beat tonight.
And the snow is really going away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow, should go grade the rest of my exams tonight, but am tired...I'd love me better in the morning if I did them though!

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