Sunday, April 20, 2008

Really Spring in NH!

See the small remaining snow pile, just above?

This is torture! Dave's car back in early March buried. Now, there is only a couple of really small patches of snow in the backyard. By tomorrow-it will all be gone. I have crocus blooming, daffoldils budding, robins hopping around the greening grass, buds growing larger on the trees, chirping birds. squeeking spring peepers. SPRING has arrived in NH!
Bought a bunch of stamping items on eBay this weekend-I really am naughty. Will kick myself later when I could use the cash for something else, but am in an addictive buying mood-
Made a bunch of tiles today too-today was green Celtic, leaves and then some bright flowers out of some single packs of polymer clay I had. Trying to get many tiles made so I can put together a bunch of mosaics for gifts and hopefully to sell.
Katie is off this week coming up but I have 1 more week to go. Not a bad week though- tomorrow am doing some applications for honors and AP kids and Wed. am taking a personal day to go out with Katie. I do need to do some job decision this week- been thinking a lot about it but still feel like its not a real decision. Only it is. That's the scary part.
Off too go put the pile of laundry away so I can find clothes in the morning. Love these longer days-my favorite things about spring is the light, the warming and the greening

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