Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Travel list-the start of one at least

Its a beautiful day and I am in a great mood-unlike yesterday's stressed out mood from having too much to do. Took a walk, am going to boater safety class tonight, have been cutting out some alphabet stamps I bought eons ago from Ma Vinci's-putting them onto the backing for acrylic blocks. Little annoyed because I swear I had 2 letters for my Celtic alphabet and now I can't find them- so did I really have them or just need to find them in the pile of letters?
Who knows?

Am inpsired by a blog I was reading about a couple travels in the west and in Asia-John and Belinda's Excellent Adventure (http://www.cris.com/~Johnmc/). So here is my list from all my trips of the MOSTs....

The Most...
1-smelliest place was Yellowstone
2-best beach walking-San Diego
3-best airline service- British Air
4-best hotel room- Radisson SAS St. Helen's in Dublin
5-most shockingly expensive meal (and an eek because it wasn't anything fancy)-TGIFriday's in Dublin
6-most northern place I have been-Sweden north of Ornskaldvik
7-best sunrise/best inspiring moments-sunrise at the Grand Canyon
8-biggest rush to get somewhere-back to our hotel in Cody, WY from Yellowstone since we had no headlights on our car
9-biggest culture shock-Tijuana, Mexico
10-best travel stories-my sandal in SanDiego, Katie at Ford's Theatre in DC and plane trip home from Rome
11- best ruins- Rome/Pompeii
12-best meal-our prime rib dinner at the Grand Canyon
13-hottest spot-Mojave Desert at Lake Mead in August (like 121 degrees F)
14-coldest spot- Disney World in November when you expect 70's and it ends up like 40 at night and like 50 in the day
15-most boring drive-can't remember the route- up Eastern Wyoming from Fort Laramie before you cut over to the Black Hills
16- the most Murphy's Law situation- it rains in the dessert once or twice a year and we hit it- Ango-Borrego (spelling) in California
17- the biggest surprise- Dave discovering National Parks are cool when we visited Yosemite and he complained before we got there that he had to visit nature
18-the best find- Dave discovering and telling Katie and myself about the National Park Passort Books at Mount Rushmore
19-the most unhappy child- a tie-Katie at the Badlands and at Yellowstone
20-the most unique hike- the narrows at Zion
21-the most visited restaurant- visit the Hardrock (if there is one)
22-the oldest man-made place we visited- the tomb at Newgrange in Ireland
21- the most lost we've been- driving in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland
22-the most questionable drive- getting off the highway in Nevada to go to the Valley of Fire State Park- it was a dirt road into the desert with no signs at first
23-the most repeated statement made on a trip-Dave in Custer State Park in South Dakota calling out the window to the antelope "Hey Antelope"-we still tease him and its been 5 years
24-the most times we stopped for a hotel room and were told there was none available- driving home from Niagara Falls and finding nothing from Syracuse all the way through Albany
25-the weirdest place we visited- the Edgar Allen Poe House in Philly because it was a slightly not so great neighborhood and it was an empty house-

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