Monday, April 7, 2008

Notes and comments

Note- we are down to 1 feet 6 inches of snow on the gauge. But its suppose to be above 40 degrees all week.
Comment-Love it.
Note- Work was extremely busy today- one thing after another non-stop. Could barely even get to the bathroom.
Comment- I left cranky and frustrated and refused to do any grading tonight. I did make some spring ATCs and cut out some stamps I am putting on backing to use with acrylic blocks
Note-Dave was upset at work today and I'm worried he'll just quit
Comment- I have to have faith he won't. he's a repsonsible guy afterall.
Note-I did pre-order those stamps.
Comment- I'm stupid dumb and b ad with money. But I am excited to have some new acrylic letters coming.
Note-I keep having these crazy dreams at night. The kind that leave you exhausted when you wake up, like you've lost control or can't get to where you want to go.
Comment- What is bugging me? Is it just that I was so busy last month and this week and I hate being that busy.
Note- 3 weeks until spring vacation.
Comment- Can't wait.
Note- I'm tired and going to go to bed.
Comment- Be back later.

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