Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday afternoon

A gray day-though not cold and not snowing. Actually, the road was slightly soft but not muddy this morning so I could get back into my morning walking routine-at last-usually I'm out mid-March. I enjoyed my walk so much.

Made some more clay tiles for a while today. Want to make some pieces to sell and give as gifts. Working on some blue tiles with an ocean theme- still have a lot more to do but needed to put a pot roast in the oven for dinner. PLus, its the kind of day that good for a nap...which is on my agenda after I finish this.

So I'm looking at these new Hero Arts letters trying to decide if I should pre-order or not. here's my pros and cons:

  1. Its a lot of money- like $130.00, but it is 5 different fonts-complete 26 letter sets of each. Its also those frames, flowers and a little bird.
  2. I love the little frames.
  3. I like the birds but a lot of them are similar and like other Hero Arts birds recently released.
  4. The little flowers are nice, especially the few I have in bigger forms.
  5. I really like the frames.
  6. Think the way to make them useful is to take the letter sets apart and to do those acrylic stamp notebook pages (from Sunday International) with each alphabet complete and then the birds complete, flowers, etc. I think it would be a pain to dig out whole pages of letetrs as you need them. (Think I should do that with the month sets I have. I think Hero Arts needs to make a small notebook to put these into.
  7. I liked the old letter sets Hero Arts put out because they had a BIG letter and lots of items that were related to the letter (like Kimono for K). These really don't have that, but the old sets were like $14 a letter so it added up really fast.
  8. I like cursive style letter and the big plain letter a lot.
  9. Would I use them enough? I get kind of lazy putting letters together sometimes.

What do you think? I don't mind spending that money if I'd use them enough. But its still a lot of $$$. If you like them, check them out at StampingOnline. She's a really good seller, ships fast and lets you pre-order without paying until they are ready to ship- but you should realize that pre-ordering does mean you will be paying for them. Its only right. And shipping is free over $45 or so.

I'm back a few hours later. Did take a nap and put laundry away and eat dinner. And talked to my mom. Which frazzled me. Often does, but she went to a cousins retirement party today and she just LOVES this woman- more than me, and just says things she doesn't know about and says they are absolutely true and in the process hurts my feelings and makes me feel like like I am nothing. Why do I let her get to me? Always. She and I are SOOOOO different in many ways, and our views of the world are sooooooooo different. She has narrow vision too, which is ok, she's happy with it, but it rubs me wrong and I take things personally. I don't know if she realizes how much she puts me down- and I'm not sure she does it with purpose...but ARGH! I never get credit for anything with her. (And she wonders why I moved away-which is NOT what anyone is suppose to do in her mind but I would have been really NUTS by now if I stayed there).

Also, have decided everyone but me has spring. I know that's not true, but I don't have to go far to get away from snow- work in fact. Portsmouth has no snow. I want green. I want flowers and leaves budding. I am I here in NH? Why didn't I go somewhere that has spring and I would be better inside...I know, because my mother insulted me like she did with college when she said if I went away I would drop out in a couple of weeks and move home...not that I remember her insulting me about moving away after I shouldn't blame her, but it was all these silly rules she and my dad had...wish I had been born into a different family. Wish I had been encouraged to be me, who I really am, instead of trying to to be someone who made them happy.

Ah, if I knew at 20 what I know now.

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