Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things Friday

Ok,I won't be showing you trip photos for too many more weeks (LOL), I promise.
(Unless you're like me and love to see photos of places far away)
Today, 10 favorite photos from my trip to the Rockies. Majestic mountains would be another name for this post.
These are not in any specific order. Just 10 favorite photos...and believe me, I have way more than 10 favorites. 
Also, I have yet to play with these particular photos. They are just raw snaps.


As you can see, there were fantastic views constantly. It was hard to pick 10 photos. 
I definitely think this is one of the most grand and glorious places I ever visited-at least on the natural beauty.
So I can't believe it is Friday-again.
Yesterday Dave and I went kayaking and then spent some time at his Mom's on the lake, until the thunder and rain drove us inside. No work out of me yesterday, what a summer bum I am right now.
I have been making some cards though-need them to send to Katie when she goes back to college. Pretty soon I'll some photos of those for you to view.
Have a fabulous Friday!

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