Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going to School

OK, I have to do it today. I am going into school today to get some things done-like organize my room and maybe run off some work for Wednesday, when my classes begin. But I am back to work full time on Monday. Just no kids until Wednesday.
Monday, the 27th of August.
So here's a journal page about me getting mentally ready for Monday-the 27th.
The little white die cut flips up and I explain my stresses and worries and all that comes with getting ready to go back and start a new school year after a LONG summer break.
I made the 27 so big (using a cool new Crafter's Workshop stencil) because that date is looming like a big wall in my head.  Since it is there, all this week, I needed to make those numbers stand out. The feelings and thoughts I am having are a lot smaller than the arriving day.
And this is something I am going to miss. At least for the first few days.
Morning. At the lake. A summer morning.
Sun burning through some fog and the cooler temperatures causing steam to rise off the lake.
Summer mornings when you don't have to rush off to work are wonderful.
And I'm going to miss this guy. He likes to walk with me in the morning. I leave just after 6 a.m. for work so no morning walks for me.
Until the weekend.
I am making this sounds like a death, aren't I?
I can still take him for a walk when I get home.
But this is one of those things that stresses me UNTIL I get there. Once I leave today I will be fine. I will have accepted the fact that vacation is over Sunday night and Monday another school year begins for me.
Oh do I hate this transition.
But I will be just fine and forget about this pretty quick, once I have started again.
Its just not wanting to start.
You would think since this is year 29 beginning
(Can you imagine I have been teaching that long?)
I would be used to this starting by now.
But right now I am just going in to do a bit of work and then I still have tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.
Vacation is over quite yet!

Thanks for listening to me while I unload.

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