Friday, August 17, 2012

10 Things Friday

OK, a few more photos from my summer travels.
Just have to show you.
I guess because school is SO close now...the stress of going back is making me wish I was far far away on vacation- still.
Maybe next year I should plan my travels in late August to avoid this.
So today's 10 things Friday-10 more photos.
Still haven't done anything to these so here's some more raw snaps. Most of them still need a few moments in Photoshop to crop out the edges or to adjust the color, but you will have to handle these unfinished moments.
Today's theme is 
1. Mama Bighorn sheep and her cute little baby.
We saw so many Bighorn sheep. They come right up to car practically.
We also saw this sign...who knew this about Bighorn sheep?
I certainly didn't.

2. Some mountain goats. Mama and 2 babies perhaps?
Lucked out and spotted these right along the highway. Screeched at Dave so he would pull over the car.
Definitely think these are mama and her little ones. They're cuter than the sheep-I think.

3. A white tailed deer. Need to crop this one and the mountain goats too.

4. And we were SUPER lucky to see this mama wolf. She's been radio-collared. She ran down the road a good mile.
5. And she had 2 pups. You can see the 2 black puppies here. Mom is over the left hand side of the road. Can you see her? This wolf pack or partial pack was amazing to see.
A highlight of animal viewing for me as I have never seen wild wolves before.
(I am kind of a wolf fan...don't believe all this Red Robin Hood lies about wolves. They aren't  friendly like a lot of dogs but they aren't human killers either. Predators yes, so watch out for your pets and other farm animals, but hey, they don't know the human mind -they are wild animals who need to eat. In their world, as I tell my mom when she goes on about squirrels on her bird feeder- they don't know you put the food out just for the birds. Food is food to them. Survival is their prime goal, as is ours too.
OK, enough preaching for a Friday.)
More photos!

6. And how about a black bear, or 2. We saw a lot of black bears too-not exactly sure but it was over 5 and most likely closer to 10. Only these guys are hard to take photos of because you tend to see them running quickly across the road or poking out behind some brush near the side of the road. You get the photo of their back end darting into the woods or you just see the top of the back or an ear sticking up.This guy though went across the road and then stopped to pig out on this flowering plant. Eating to get ready for winter's hibernation is all he wanted to do. I need to crop this photo before I journal it also. 
But we did not see a grizzley. 
Not that I wanted to meet one in the woods, but had one run across the road in front of us, I would have been happy with that.
You see bear warning signs all over the place.

7. And I showed you this guy in an earlier post. He's such a beauty though. Here's another photo of him coming out onto the road.

8. Can you see this lady elk? She was just lounging by the side of the road in Jasper National Park just chewing her cud. Wish she would have looked at us though. But she was not giving one care about Dave and I in the car. We thought she might be a moose at first, but the white rump gave her away.

9.You see these ground squirrels a lot in Glacier. I believe they are Colombian Ground Squirrels but someone told me they were marmots. I don't think they are big enough for marmots, but maybe someone can clear me up on that. Seeing I've never seen a marmot before.

10. We saw tons of signs for the woodland caribou in Jasper National Park, but they say that the chances of seeing one is VERY UNLIKELY. I guess they are really rare and the one herd that is OK in numbers is found so far off the beaten track in part of the park where there are no roads that you wouldn't see them.
But I have never been any place where they even live before.
Seeing one would have been cool.
So that's my post for today.
Hope you liked it.
Happy Friday!

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