Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photos for you

Green fields that go on for as far as the eye can see.
Lake Louise ( the tiny blueish spot in the lower center) under a cloud which is floating between the mountains. You can see a glacier right behind and above the cloud.
A memorial in the middle of an empty forest-reminders of a long ago, World War One, interment camp.
Roads through thick forests.
And vistas looking down in rivers in green valleys.

Lake Louise.
And look at the gorgeous blue these glacial lakes are. Especially in the right light.
And this cool feat of civil engineering. How about this road that goes along the edge of a mountain and has this cool bridge right over the waterfall.
And not just a highway overpass, but special bridges built for wildlife to cross the Trans-Canadian Highway just north of Banff. There's many of these. There's also underpasses for them to cross under too.
And someone was naughty and left behind some graffiti.
Though I like this image.
Smiley face barns right along the highway. Can you see it?
OK, I said wouldn't keep taking you on this vacation journey,
but I couldn't help myself.
(These pictures still need a bit of adjusting for gray-tones)
Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

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