Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving the Baby Back to College

Katie will be a junior in college this year.
I can't believe it!
We're moving her back this morning.
I remember when we moved her to UNH her freshman year I cried in the truck the whole way down to Durham.
Last year was better. She reminded me they moved back a day early because we had a hurricane coming our way. We did get some weather out of it, but nothing near as bad as they first predicted. 
It is still tough to move to her back in a lot of ways. When she comes home in May you want to throw her out because she's adjusting and wants to be back at school.
And then by now she's back into the swing of being home and you don't want her to go.
Isn't that how life works?
Tonight we have the season finale of True Blood too!
What a way to really end my summer break.
So here's some more photos from my trip to St. Gauden's summer and then permanent residence in Cornish, NH the other day.
This was an amazing statue. It was to commemorate the black regiment from Boston and the general that lead them into battle in Charleston, South Carolina during the civil war.
It really impressed me.
And I am not a big one for public statues.
But I love that fact that it did impress me and I was really taken with it.
I love learning and discovering new things..
It looks really different when you observe it from another angle.
And an angel that rode over them. Even a different perspective.

Here's how the whole thing looked when you stepped a good ways.
The main version of this is on the Boston Common. I really want to go see it someday. Maybe next time I am in the city.
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