Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Philosophy

Summer has really set in. I am in that lazy oh well, devil be damned kind of mood. I really want to be outside or on my screen porch reading a good book. This is what happens when you get a lot of weeks off from work. You start still in the go mode and then slowly, over the weeks, you get more and more out of that mode.
Then it is time to return to work and it is a SHOCK to the system.
Plus it is summer and all the heat and long beautiful days don't help you stay very motivated.
This summer it was a very distinct when it happened too. My trip. That's what did me in.
Let me show you a few more photos why it did me in.
Hiking through some peaceful woodlands-over hills, dales and streams.

Lounging in front of a gas fire in a cozy warm hot tub.

Driving through the splash of many little waterfalls that come right down onto the road.
Reaching great heights and passing over the Continental Divide.

Sleeping in a rustic little cabin.
And most importantly
Spending some quality time with my favorite guy.
Hope you like seeing my photos.
Enjoy your day!

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