Friday, August 3, 2012

Home again

Home from my mini-trip- we had 2 wonderful days on Lake Mooselookmeguntic near Rangely, Maine. Took a bunch of photos but I have yet to put them on the computer. Had a great visit. My brother-in-law showed us the lake from his dad's was beautiful!!!-even when the rain clouds chased us across the lake. We had a campfire on the beach the first night there and also went kayaking down the Kennebago River. We took the boat out and had a picnic on this rural bit of land between Mooselookmegantic and Richardson Lake where the cabins didn't even have electricity and the remnants of the old steamboats (that served the old hotels-no longer on the lake but used to be there to for all the crowds that arrived by trains) could be found. We also checked out this 100 year old dam that will be undergoing some big changes soon. Got to walk behind on the spillway which was neat. We also saw 5 bald eagles. Did NOT see a moose though-granted, I have seen plenty of moose before including in my backyard and almost ran into a bull moose once not far from my house, but still, I wanted to see one. Oh well.
OK this is NOT a moose and it is NOT something we saw in Maine, since it is an elk and as far as I know there are not any wild elk in Maine. But while we were in Banff this guy walked up from the woods onto the road right in front of our car.
He is quite a magnificent guy I think. Here's another view.
Anyhow, I will be back with some photos from Maine, more from my big vacation to the Rockies and I did finish my travel journal from my big vacation which I will take some photos of and post also.
That is if I can get my camera to work.
I had to use my phone in Maine the camera was being fidgety.
Hopefully, buying a new camera is not in my budget right now.
Not going to bore you with little trivial complaints.
Have a fabulous Friday!

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