Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Things Friday

So for this week's 10 thing Friday post, I am going to look ahead to 10 (and only 10) things out of the ordinary that I want to accomplish this fall. No big long list. Time to be succinct. 

1-Not get out of this summer mode. I say this every year, and I do get back into the hustle and bustle of life mode. But I love my summer mode, and I am hoping to stay in the more relaxed, take life as it comes mode.
2-Experiment with more new recipes-try some new chili recipes, make an apple pie with fresh picked apples. Try some yummy  lite and healthy meals. Maybe even make some terribly complicated and yummy dessert. 
3- Go apple picking and get a pumpkin at the farm. Then carve that pumpkin into a Halloween jack-o-lantern. Haven't carved a jack-o-lantern since my daughter was in high school.
4-Play hooky from work and go take an art class.
5- Get hockey tickets to the Maine/UNH game at Orono, ME and go up to see the game in early November- and see Maine beat UNH. And since it is a Sunday afternoon game, we talked about going down to Acadia for a day as part of a little weekend road trip.
Also on my list- Get to a few other games when Maine is playing down this way too.
6-Play with making some more altered books.  I also want to make a little Halloween 3D collage box using one of those Tim Holtz assemblage boxes. And I want to finish my prayer flags. And I want to....this could be a very long number if I don't stop someplace.
7-Watch the rest of my Dark Shadows DVD set.  Watch the first set of Downton Abbey that I have heard people say good things about. (I have never seen the show). Read a few of the books I didn't get to this past summer (Like Outlander and the new and the last Louise Penny mysteries). Finish knitting my socks and my ocean scarf.
8-Actually get a home improvement project started and completed.
9-Plan a trip for February school vacation.
10-Get outside enough. I feel better when I get out and get some sun and fresh air. I hate being cooped in too much.

So here's a few more photos from my trip last week to St. Gaudens homestead in western New Hampshire.

Are you excited for the long weekend? 
Make it a great one.


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