Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Afternoon

Just a quick post from our fun afternoon yesterday at my brother's camp in Harrison, Maine. We had lots of laughs, some beautiful sun, a couple of cool dips in the lake, yummy burgers and hot dogs plus a fun little zip around in their boat.
Here's a few snaps-all untouched.
Here we all are- photo is taken by my nephew's friend who was visiting. We figure this could be our Christmas card photo for my Mom, since this is her kids and grand kids. If only my niece wasn't reaching across for a hat. (A little cropping could finish this off nicely.)

 My brother (a sort of view) and the girls.
My brother's dog loved to retrieve the swimming noodles. She's a cutie.
Harley and Katie. Harley doesn't retrieve anything in the water because he doesn't LIKE water at all.
The boys. Josh's friend Taylor, my nephew Josh and Dave, the hubby.

Finally, the end of perfect day! Thought this was the prettiest one I took. You can even see the moon- well barely in this shot but when I enlarge it, you can at least!

So busy day for me, but I am feeling LAZY. Want to scrapbook and read on my screen porch. BUT I am off the the lake though- can read there by the water which is great (and get paid for it) and then got to take another but shorter road trip to Costco to get Katie stocked up for school since her big move back is this Sunday! (Boo-hoo, now that I am used to her being home and she is used to being home...)
Hope your Tuesday is a great one and thanks for visiting!

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