Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Silly Moo

Here's a fun card, and it was very simple to make. The image is from a British Company ( I think)
Stampworkz  Sheena Stamps.  I did some coloring and some background inking, and then I added some Stickles to really make the crown pop. I outlined the image in black and then doodled some edging, which I colored in with a white pen.
I started making some cards the other day. I really needed the break from journaling, which has been the art form I have spent the most time playing with this summer. Plus, I also need to make some cards for Katie, since once she goes back to school I'll start sending them to her on a regular basis. In fact, when I told her I wasn't going to send her any, she got all upset and said she likes getting them.
Maybe she'll stop complaining about my penmanship.
So the other day at work I brought this book with me.
I've had it for awhile but pulled it out and reread it.
I have to say, I really felt inspired by it. Good techniques, good little artist blurbs, some great journal photos. And it truly reminded me that all kinds of journaling is OK, as long as it makes you happy. And it can make you happy for whatever reason you chose.
If you haven't checked it out, please do.
Thanks for stopping by.

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