Saturday, September 7, 2013

10 More Views from Costa Rica

We're here! Saturday! Back at the weekend.
Always a good thing but this weekend will FLY since it is only 2 days and not 4 like last weekend was for me.
Wouldn't it be great if every weekend was longer than 2 days?
Guess it wouldn't be so much fun if every weekend was long but I think I could still handle it.
So today-
10 more views of Costa Rica.
I took so many photos and have so much to show.
Think it is just about time to get moving on though.
Mentally, I am moving forward and leaving this trip behind except in my memories.
So ready?
View 1:
Bananas- just have one of these tree in your back yard is pretty cool.
View 2:
View 3
Grinding cocoa beans to makes the worlds most delicious hot cocoa.
 View 4
A beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean
View 5
Hopscotch in a pre-school play yard
View 6
The beach
View 7
A little down after a dip in the warm (like 90 degree) ocean. Some of us traveling teachers, after a morning in school.
View 8
And isn't this tile work gorgeous.  It was at one of the homes we visited, the kitchen counters were all tiled like this. I love it!
View 9
And we went to a Costa Rican bull fight.  More like a rodeo with bucking broncos, no bulls get killed-thank goodness- its more to judge the bulls to see which ones are the best at bucking and throwing off the riders.  It is a HUGE sport here- along with soccer.
View 10
And final photo, this mural at the elementary school in Port Jimenez. Handprints, happy faces, one sad face, a mon, a few names.
Love this. 
Hope you loved my 10 random photos too.

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