Monday, September 2, 2013

Costa Rica- Wet and Wild

We took a cruise on the Gulfo-Gulf of Dulce- while in Port Jimenez on our Costa Rican adventure. The gulf is very warm and there are large pods of dolphins that live there. In fall, humpback whales come into the gulf to give birth. We were lucky,we saw lots of dolphins and humpback whales.
None giving birth though.

We went out in 2 small boats. This is the other boat with half our group, similar to the one I was on.
The dolphins and whales were amazing. While we ate lunch on the beach we could watch the whales breaching. Even without binoculars their pectoral fins were huge.  No good photos though- just a bit too far off shore.

What a fun life this looks like!
And the rain was coming but we outran it.

This is the port when we arrived back to the Peninsula.

All this adventure was only part of the day.  We had a rainforest hike, a picnic, a quick dip in the ocean and a chance to see how an eco-lodge actually ran.
More stories to come.
Happy Monday.

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