Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Journal Fun

This page is fun I think. The colors are bright and the cut out photo from an old yearbook is fun too. Must have been a great time to be in college in the 1950's when they had these fun parties. In a lot of ways it must have been  different from now- more innocence and controlled in ways as society wasn't as open about a lot of things. Though I must say the people in this photo could be from now too. In those outfits they don't look as dated.
The girl in the front looks a bit like my mom. I know it wasn't her; this old yearbook I have is from the University of New Mexico and as far as I know, Mom has never been to New Mexico.
The background colors are all just stencils I painted on to use for other things and then I took the wet stencils and rubbed them dry on these pages of my journal. (well put the wet stencil in between the 2 pages and then closed the book and rubbed).
I painted the yellow circles from some left over yellow pain.
I also added some die cuts I had just laying on my work table and bits of a mailing label on a shipping envelope.
I'm not sure the images stand out very well on this page- even in person. But in your journal, as long as you like it, it works. That's what is so good about keeping an art journal. I used the same yearbook to cut out the  majorette photos as in the top page. I added them to this drawn patterned  background that I then sprayed with some ink. Some journaling, some painted circles, and my own quote.
I am having a lot of fun making pages using these old yearbook photos. 
I am also having fun making the backgrounds.
I like playing with markers and spray ink and with paint, ink or stencils.
I love playing with pattern, texture and color.
It is my latest addiction.
What's your latest journal addiction?


scrapwordsmom said...

I just found an old yearbook from the 30's from our local college!! I am sooo excited to use it...even more after seeing your pages. I found your site last week and am obsessed:) Your work is similar to what I am working on. LOVE making backgrounds and love yours!!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts from the past...must make have a GREAT and ARTFUL day!!


Unknown said...

Your old yearbook is great fun. I like the majorettes page and quote a lot. Some of the most fun pages are made with rub-offs from other art pieces. I like to clean my brayer into my art journals too.