Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are You?

So the question I beg to ask is are you perfect too?
This card is photographed way too much on an angle but oh well.  
That's what happens when its rainy and dark and you try to photograph under a light.
What a silly owl! I love him.
I die cut the circle for the moon and then I hand cut the branch out of some paper.
And this card, with brown distressing-needed a little more depth- and even a blop of glue that leaked out-
 is just perfect.
Sometimes I think what I make isn't good enough for anything, but sometimes I think it is ok.
More than ok.
Pretty good.
In my own style.
slightly off,
never a straight line
I say just do what you do and make it look like you mean it.
Nothing I make looks like they came off a store shelf.
They are

Thanks for stopping by.

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