Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apples 2

Last Sunday I made it out apple picking.
I had been wanting to go. Something about picking apples and fall.
Saw a sign at the local post office for pick your own apples and followed it.
This farm was only a couple of miles away from my house,
and what a beautiful little gentleman farm it was.
They had apples there that I had never had before, and we could taste while we picked.
Amazing how different each variety was
in color, firmness,
shape and taste.
McIntosh, Macoun, Fuji, Liberties, Gala, Crimson Crisps and Honey Crisps, 
Zestars, Ginger Golds, Decosters
and a few others.
Look how purple these are compared the the bright red apples in the top photo.
The rain had cleared away and it was the perfect first day of fall. Picking apples is such a great seasonal way to celebrate.
Time for apple pie, apple crisp, apple cake, apple sauce,
never mind just crunching away on a fresh one.
Got to love it.

Man o man- totally random sentence,
but getting up mornings this week is so hard.
Tummy hasn't been quite right and
work is crazy busy-
doing National Honor Society applications this week-
and I just can't get my groove.
Feel like I am 1 day ahead of the kids.
Anyhow, enough of that from me.

Hope you're waking up and roaring to go-
unlike me-
Come back soon.

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