Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long Weekend Wrap up

So it was a fairly quiet long weekend here at my house. Dave was down with a sore back. Saturday I brought him to the emergency room since it had been sore for a week and when he went to the doctor's back on Monday before the weekend, he got prednisone, which didn't really take care of the whole problem. Emergency rooms are always fun, and take so long. Like 4 hours in our case.
And one morning I slept until the nine and yesterday morning- while it rained and thundered, I slept until 10.
Unheard of!
But what long weekends are meant to be like!
I have to admit, I really enjoyed my low key long weekend.
But I did have lunch with my friend Vicky on Saturday. We ordered lunch at the takeout window of a local restaurant and then sat out on the picnic table for 3 hours chatting and eating our lobster rolls.
Great catching up too.

And I read a lot. My screen porch got some use in the best way possible-
lounging and reading.
My latest read is fast and very interesting.
One of our group leaders to Costa Rica was reading it and after seeing so many different types of banana there, and eating really delicious bananas there, and seeing the fruit plantations in that country, I thought it would be a good read. I do recommend it if you like reading books about things. Who knew there was so much to know about bananas?
And I got out walking in the morning 3 out of my 4 days off.
With all the food this weekend, I needed that.
Harley my dog loved that.
I did too.
And strange, but so many of these newts were in the road. Many were squished but when I saw a living one I moved it to the side.
Eastern Newt Red Eft
Wonder why so many of them were crossing the road at the same time?
They always seem to be doing that at this late summer time of year.
If you want to know about these little newts you can check out this link.
I also made this yummy key lime pie on Friday.

It's my daughter's favorite, and since she was coming home-shingles and all-I decided to be a good mom and whip her up something delicious.  I even squeezed the key limes myself.
What a woman in the kitchen I am.
Plus tomatoes are really ripe and ready in my garden right now.

That means BLTs and
I also made pizza on the grill this weekend-
fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and some of those delicious tomatoes.

And tried a new flavor from Ben  & Jerry's-red velvet cake.  Really thought I was eating cake and ice cream.
And yesterday we went out to lunch at a local and delicious Mexican place.
What a fat food weekend!!!!
Today the low fat non-exciting food diet starts back up.
And it was movie weekend here too- Poor Dave with his back out.
Rewatched It's Complicated.
Mama Mia.
Actually saw the 8th Dr. of Dr. Who movie from 1999 which I have never
seen. And yesterday I finally saw the Great Gatsby. Never saw that in the theatre last spring.
A little art, a few chores, a visit and some down time by the lake at my mother-in-laws
rounded off my weekend.
It was great not having to run around and do things just because it was the long weekend.
Having the kind of weekend I guess I really wanted to have without knowing it was what I wanted to have.
I must say, other than poor Dave's back, it was a great weekend.

Now its back to the grind.
This weekend will go very fast since it is only 2 days.
And I'm really back to work and the school year is rolling.
Time to get back into the swing of the routine.
Got to remember not to let the routine over take me too much.
Got to remember to nibble on summer like freedom a little bit.
Actually, I am pretty good at taking those nibbles.
But still, doesn't hurt to remember.
Oh, enough of my chatter.
Have a great day and
thanks for stopping by.

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