Saturday, September 14, 2013


Been watching A LOT of movies on either the TV or DVD/Blueray lately. Some I've seen, some are new.
But really enjoying doing this as I start to settle into late summer/early fall mode.
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A classic comedy.
One of my favorites.
Just plain fun.
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I liked this movie a lot, but it is one of those movies I don't need to watch again.
Maybe it is just a bit intense, or one that once you watch you don't need to see again for the little things
you missed.
It didn't leave me feeling good,
but it did make me think about it for quite awhile.
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I did like this movie. It touched something in me and I enjoyed it, though it does have a lot of sadness to it.
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I am not a Trekkie, but I do like Star Trek a lot. This is one of the better movies, and
I think they did a great job with the characters.
The next movie in this series
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came out the other day, and I pre-ordered it from Amazon.
Loved it at the theatres and can't wait for it to show up so this weekend we can watch it.
But since this has to do with an older Star Trek Movie, Wrath of Khan, I had to rewatch that this past weekend. I'd been wanting to see it since last spring when I saw into Darkness in the theatre.
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Ricardo Montalban was a great Khan.
But you can tell it was an older movie-special effects and all.
And since Spock died in this flick, and came back to life in the next film, I had to watch that one too.
Good thing Costco had the original movie set on sale really cheap.
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I also saw this that we recorded off of BBC America.  I had never seen it, even though it came out in 1996. But I actually liked it quite a bit, and they did a good job making it fit the series, which is British, and this film was done here in the US.
Dave recorded this off of the TV and we watched it the other day. Not really my kind of movie, but it was OK.
I guess on a lazy Saturday afternoon it worked.
I found these 2 movies on cheap Blue-Ray at Costco the other day and I can't wait to watch them too.
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This is such a good movie. I love it.
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Haven't sen this since eons ago, but I remember liking it.
Robert Downy Jr is a good actor. This one is from early in his career.
Maybe I'll also watch them this weekend.
Seen any good flicks lately?

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