Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Journaling

Hey its Friday the 13th.
But I am not superstitious about that.
Are you?
And for me, it is finally pay day.
Haven't been paid since June and I am ready for a little cash inflow.
I'm tired too since last night was a LONG night- our fall parent's open house at school.
Always dread that night-it is just  a pain for me-need to hang around until 6 when it starts and I don't get home until 9ish, so the next day I am always DRAGGING! But, it is done with and it is Friday so I can go home today and take a long NAP. And I know the parents that come to open house always appreciate open house. When Katie was younger I loved to go to her school's open houses, for sure.
OK, enough chatter.
You want to see my journal pages?
Katie had shingles right after she moved back to college. Here's a page I made about that since I was feeling so bad for her. I've never had shingles but have heard how bad they are. 
Thought the flames and the dots and the red and orange would show that. The page  right edge is also into big points too.

And the hubby has a sore back-as you can see. Has for the last 3 weeks even though he's been on painkillers and prednisone, it still doesn't seem to be getting better all too fast. I think he finally turned the corner...Yahoo! Poor guy. Back pain and toothaches are the Worst!
Here's the page I made about that since I feel  bad for him.
I was really into frowny faces when I made these 2 pages.
That's all for this post.
Have a super duper day.
And thanks for visiting me.


Monique said...

Hope your husband feels better soon.
Your journal page is wonderful. Love the flames!
xx Monique

libbyquilter said...

great pages and sometimes it's about frowny faces.
i think your shingle page in particular really captures the feelings (both physical and emotional) very well.

i'm happy to have found your beautiful blog. enjoy your nap.