Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reading List and a Few Other Things

Here's a great book.  I am hooked and thoroughly enjoying this read. The story is a historical novel about Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her life. Pretty interesting life but not an easy one either. Her husband, Charles Lindbergh, was a jerk-at least in a wife's prespective. I don't care if he was the first guy to fly across the Atlantic way back in the 1920's. I am being too nice saying that.
Highly recommended by me!
I am loving this book so much I ordered a couple of books by Anne Morrow Lindbergh from Amazon's used store.
Just to discover more about her that is.
Product Details
This book has gotten a lot of stars since first published in the 1950's. I am really interested to see what it is all about.
Also I ordered
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North to the Orient.
The Aviator's Wife talks a lot obout Anne flying and co-piloting with her husband, and although not veiwed by the public that way at all, what a great pilot she was.
Hoping this book might tell me more of this story that I am really interested in.

This is what I want to be doing right now. We went from chilly fall feeling weather that felt GREAT into heat and humidity. Yesterday was brutal. Today it is all suppose to break and then we're back into the fall crispies. The humidity just takes it all out of you. Leo has the right idea.
Tonight I have open house at school. Makes a really LONG day-but thankfully it is Thursday.
Just the thought makes me want to curl up and go to sleep.

And how about some doodling? Jellyfish that I am quite happy with. Watching tv one night I used some watercolor markers, a drawing pen and my water brush.  I think I really got the feel of a jellyfish. Of course being so watery the markers make it easy.
And here's some pattern drawing and a bit of spray to make these 2 pages in my journal. Not sure if I'll add something or just leave them as a background. I know both sides don't quite match but that was my point.
So that's all for today. Chitter and chatter, nothing too exciting.
Thanks for stopping by.

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