Friday, October 4, 2013

Art I Want to Show You

I do like the background on this page. I am really really into making colorful backgrounds. Paint, spray inks, markers, whatever I can grab or that hits my head. Layer it on, maybe add some deli paper. Cut out, glue, doodle, write, draw...I think my style is those multi-colored backgrounds.
Or maybe I don't know what I am talking about.
After I made the background (with various paints and inks), I used a Sizzix die, cut out the flowers and then used the remains as a stencil for these white daisy like flowers.
I like how the background all melts together and I like the colors.
Library card came on a bag that was a Freebie when I ordered a pair of TOMS shoes.
Other cut outs are from a stencil package that I ordered from ArtistCellar.
Might as well get some use out of pieces that will otherwise end up in the trash as we make enough waste as it is.
I started coloring the ladies faces, was going to go spooky, but then decided I wouldn't. They still could use something more but I am moving on.
I think.
Tough day for us here today. Our vet appointment is this afternoon and I think we'll need to say goodbye to Emmie. (See yesterday's post). She's stopped eating and we know she's been battling either a major bone infection of cancer for several months now. We just don't want her to suffer, but still, I feel like a murderer.
I know its being more humane, but SOOOOO hard.
Thanks for all your sympathy. I do appreciate your thoughts some of you have shared with me.

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