Friday, October 25, 2013

Your Soul is Speaking to You

Hey, it is Friday!
I am excited. Hard to get up on these cold mornings-just want to stay in my warm bed and snooze.
Can do that tomorrow.
And I will.
Have a Halloween party tomorrow night too-
I think at least.
We've been invited but not sure if we're going to stop in or see the baby at college-she has a big engineering
licensing exam tomorrow morning and the hubby promised we'd take her out for an after exam dinner-
that is if she isn't going out with friends celebrating the end of the exam.
We'll see.
So today I have the story of an art journal page.
Partial story at least.

Cleaned off some stencils and added this skull die cut that was laying around on my work table mess.
I wanted to keep the eyes and mouth whiter than my background so I added some clear glue and I let that dry.
Then I added some background by spraying and using some paint and stencils to add a little more details.
I outlined part of the skull, added some clear words and added a die cut that was also laying around on my table.
But it needed to be a little dark and spooky and Halloweenish by this point.
I don't add journaling to my pages all that often, but this page just needed it. I added the stamped mushrooms and some stamped zig-sag journaling lines and decorations. I also added some black paint measuring tape images using Tim Holtz's new stencils.
Plus a little more color, and you have my journal page.
So that's what my soul is saying to me-
(of course you can't read my journaling- my soul speaking-
because what your soul says is a real private thing.)
You don't have to tell me,
but have you listened to your soul lately?
Happy Friday.
Hope to see you again soon.

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Linda said...

fantastic pages!! Love all the background layers and how your obscured writing is underlined with the white zig zag lines!