Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Spooky

So yesterday was cloudy all day. Kind of a bummer but we spent the day doing some more cleaning up and organizing around the house that needed to get done. Organizing and cleaning out has become my mantra for 2013, and its great!
I also was craving pumpkin pie, so I put one of those together. You know, I never made a pumpkin pie before a couple of years ago and then I did, and boy are they pretty easy to whip together.
One of these days I might even try cooking down my own pumpkin instead of using canned pumpkin.
Plus, as bad as it may be for me, I feel like you can have a piece for breakfast and its ok on the nutrition scale.
Is that weird or what?
I must say it was NICE to have a low key but productive day hanging around the house.
Last week knocked me out, maybe because work was so busy and I was feeling pretty down from losing Emmie.
Now I am ready to have fun today.
So a few more spooky things to show you, starting with this card. I was very very naughty and bought one of Brother's new Scan and Cut machines off of Amazon when they came out 2 weeks ago. I really like it, except I think the sticky pads don't stay very sticky very long and it does take some exploration to get how it works all figured out. Not hard to use at all though, and it didn't take very long to get that down.There's a learning curve to figure out what it cuts the best though; that's probably the biggest thing I have been working on.
Not unhappy with the purchase though, and you can see this cool whole front card size spider web I designed and cut. I do love how I can take an image and save it, how I can make multiple copies of that image and how I can resize that image. 
Spider is from Sizzix.
And here's another sprayed background card. Image is stamped and cut out-its from Chocolate Baroque. The card shape was made by tracing a die cut shape onto a folded card and then hand cutting it to this final shape.
So are you doing anything exciting today?
I hope you get to make some art!!!!

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