Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some Page that Aren't Finished

Thursday. We're almost at the end of the week.
Long weekend for me,
 but I know not for everyone.
Kids at school get an extra long weekend-
they have tomorrow off too.
Lucky them.
I just have a work day-
a meeting day.
Oh well-
change of pace and I do have Monday off.
So today, some journal pages I am working on but haven't finished.
Kind of like how Thursday means the work week isn't quite finished either.
Or maybe my pages are finished.
Maybe they are meant to be like this.
Who knows what creative fairy will direct  me to do with them at sometime later.
The top page has lots of stenciled designs which I colored and then sprayed with ink through a stencil.
 This page is made with some wet stencils and this fun skeleton face I die cut. I filled the
openings with glue and figure once I do add something more to this page, those eyes won't darken up.
Another will see.
And finally the wet stencils wiped off on these pages. Then I added some torn scraps from jelly prints. They look rich and fabric like. I really like those pieces. And this photo was added too, and then I stopped. 

For now.
What are you working on?

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